LFCS Freedom Academy

An Independent Study Program for Students TK-8

Who We Are

Started in 2001, Literacy First Charter Schools was established in East County to offer QUALITY education to the community. In an effort to continue to provide more choices to families, LFCS started Freedom Academy, an Independent Study Homeschool program.

At Freedom Academy, families receive a tuition free program committed to helping students succeed. We offer competitive funds for curriculum and enrichment with an extensive vendor list that reaches throughout San Diego County, covering a variety of subject areas and interests. We also provide opportunities for learning through weekly on-site enrichment classes, organized field trips, park dates and events.

While parents are responsible for instruction, families are paired with a credentialed Teacher Consultant to support both parents and students with individualized learning goals, curriculum and pacing. Our program gives families flexibility throughout the day and an opportunity to meet the needs and interests of each individual student, allowing them to self-pace assignments and create individualized learning experiences with family.